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Diversify and Grow Your Customer Base

Deaf and hard of hearing people place a tremendous amount of value on information-sharing. What kind of experience they have in your place of business is going to spread like a wild-fire across the nation and has the potential to create many loyal customers for life. 

Expand Your Communication Toolbox

To communicate effectively with deaf and hard of hearing people, you have to learn new skills and new ways of communicating. All of this is added to your communication toolbox so that you can be more ready for anything and serve a variety of people at any time. 

9 Billion Dollars Can Help Your Bottom Line

Deaf and hard of hearing consumers are the third largest market segment in the United States with 9 Billion Dollars of discretionary income to spend. The spending potential is tremendous and largely untapped. This is an advantage waiting to be capitalized by savvy businesses like yours. 

Deaf-Friendly |BASICS | 

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You might be surprised, how many deaf and hard of hearing people live in your community (it's more than you think!) Everyone, in every walk of life, could use more awareness about deaf and hard of hearing people.

Our BASIC training is packed with information about deaf and hard of hearing people, their culture, the barriers they frequently experience, and tips on how to effectively communicate with them in your place of business. 

Deaf-Friendly Customer Service

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From top executives to managers to associates, one can never invest too much in a critical skill: Customer service. Top brands are known not just for product quality, but for superior service.

Our most popular offering, "Deaf-Friendly Customer Service" trainings are CUSTOMIZED specifically for your industry and give you everything you need to know to start serving deaf and hard of hearing customers better. Training includes actual case studies from deaf and hard of hearing consumers in businesses like yours and specifically what they want from you. This training gives you the full why, what, and how to create a deaf-friendly business! 

Sign Language | Basics |

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Ever wondered how to sign “thank you”, “can I help you?”, or you name? Learn basic American Sign Language with vocabulary customized to your specific industry so you can better serve deaf customers who communicate in sign language. These classes are taught by fluent deaf ASL instructors. 

Be Deaf-Friendly, Gain More Fans!

Join our training program, WORK to INCLUDE and learn to be deaf-friendly!


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